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Listen, your days are full and life can be so overwhelming - add on top of that trying to PLAN A TRIP and it's too much! Don't worry, I got you!

Let's have the BEST DAY!

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I’ll send you my packing list for a bag system that will keep you organized and transform your trip.

You need a packing list!

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With these travel guide books, you will quickly feel empowered to travel more often with the ones you love. Find the deep-rooted excitement in every city with your kids, yourself, and your partner.

Travel Guides

Let’s Unpack The Art Of Travel

With your fabulous travel guide, you’ll also get a remarkably cute collectible sticker specific to that city.

This FREE sticker will help you cherish those unforgettable memories made in each city. 

Collect Them All

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“The guide was so easy to pull up on our phones when we were out and about to check out the best places where we were at that moment!
Not ONE of the recommendations steered us wrong!” - Becky


I'm Courtney, your new travel go-to.

In this space, I share my optimal TRAVEL FLOW to help you finally find yours. The best places to travel right now in the United States are only a hop, skip, and jump away!

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Ditch the overwhelm. Just need a good list of things to do. Problem solved!