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A Celebration of LOUISIANA and my mother – BARB

May 7, 2020

Welcome to All the Best Days! Are you ready to hear from Barb?!

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Yall. I’m tired. I just want to go HOME.
I mean I’m at home, but I want my mom to take care of me and make this all go away.

I’m excited BARB could join me in this video.


Remember the time we one the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Gah!! Nothing gets me moving like our fight song. You should ask your Alexa to play the Golden Band from Tigerland. And sing at the top of your lungs – GIVE IT ALL YOUR MIGHT AS YOU FIGHT TONIGHT AND KEEP THE GOAL IN VIEW!

  • BARB – “When I was in college I thought the words were “give it all your might as you fight tonight and keep the golden rule!”


Are you making COLD BREW at home?!? It’s so easy, especially with THE TODDY. If you like cold brew – Community Coffee Dark Roast is the best. The flavor is perfect and nutty, not acidic or tangy like I find other brews from coffee shops.

BARB – “Well, I only drink coffee with my cheesecake.”


Honey and Hank

BARB – “I would give them the headband and a mask. Or a back scratcher is great in the tub. Something that goes with your brand. Cause thats just the way it goes.”


I asked BARB to tell me what to make for a Louisiana inspired dinner with rice and beans. And well, it didn’t go very well. Ha!

BARB…”Well there’s white beans. You can use dried beans. I’m not a big dried beans person because you have to remember to do it the night before so you can soak the beans. I usually don’t want to think about it…”


BARB – “So I buy canned great northerns if I’m using white beans with the ham bone from like when i get a big ham for when y’all come home. And i just put a bunch of spices in it and just cook it. No big deal. Just throw it in a pot.


BARB – “Do onions and celery and bell pepper and everything and just dump all that in there and cook it all down until its nice and soft. And then serve it over rice.”


BARB – “Or you can use red beans. You just cook ‘em down. I use cans. A lot of people use dried. Put em in there, bring em to a boil, put em on low, dump all the onions celery and bell pepper in there. Salt em. Yay.”

“Put in some ham or some bacon, some bacon fat if you want. Or add some mustard on top. It adds…ooo…a nice kick!”

“Whatever it is it’s not going to be dietetic if it’s from LA. Thats why we’re all full figured.”

Normally I’d say, “GET outta here! Go! And BE amongst the trees, the people, the food, the art.”
But today I say, “Just BE – amongst the trees, your family, or in quiet solitude. You’ve earned it.”

And have the best day.

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