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Some Tiny Things That I Love

August 11, 2020

Welcome to All the Best Days! Here are my favorite Tiny Things.

the best day in nashville, tn
my best tips for all things disney!
the best day in cape charles, va
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I'm courtney!

I am a travel-loving, story-telling, adventure-seeking momma who is determined to help you experience your best day in every single city. And, I am so glad to have you here!


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Pepper  – bras designed to perfectly fit small boobs – TO THE NIPS!


While most of us have our morning rituals and mine is definitely with my coffee, I found this article on Inc. about adding this
small thing to your morning routine – “You detach from work at night. Do you reattach in the morning?”

She offers these 3 questions:
Why does the work I do matter to me? How does my work impact the lives of others?

Who are the people–both at work and in my personal life–who support me and my professional success?

What would I like to focus on today?

I love the idea of just THINKING about these questions over my coffee to help me transition to the day.


Lettie + Row – these Tiny Christie Studs are what inspired this episode. I love them so much!
Everything she makes is for sensitive ears too, which I especially appreciate.


This isn’t a food but it does include baking!!!

Using Polymer Clay to make tiny clay beads. Its such a fun craft – bake at 275 degrees for 15 min.


The Lazy Genius Way is out today!!

One of my favorite ways that Kendra has inspired me is making small adjustments. If there’s no change, you didn’t make it small enough!
She gives this example of wanting to start yoga so she started doing one Downward Dog before bed. It was so small she couldn’t NOT do it. What tiny change could you make? Well the first one is ordering this book FOR SURE.


Fingers crossed you have Disney+ (I feel like its a good assumption with our lives these days) but one tiny thing we have started is watching an episode of Disney’s Short Circuits before bed. Their short films are some of the most creative and cool things they make and to be honest I want you to watch every single one but for the purposes of this episode – I want to point you to the one titled:
It follows a new raindrop who is born and experiences the streets of a city for the first time on his descent from the sky.
I love how it zooms in on something so tiny to tell a beautiful story.


One more reason why you should order The Lazy Genius Way is that she gave us the gift of Change Your Life Chicken and we should finally pay her for that recipe.

Normally I’d say, “GET outta here! Go! And BE amongst the trees, the people, the food, the art.”
But today I say, “Just BE – amongst the trees, your family, or in quiet solitude. You’ve earned it.”

And have the best day.

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