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THE BEST Gift Guide 2022!

November 15, 2022

Welcome to All the Best Days! ​Check out my BEST Gift Guide for the 2022 Holiday Season!

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I'm courtney!

I am a travel-loving, story-telling, adventure-seeking momma who is determined to help you experience your best day in every single city. And, I am so glad to have you here!


Ready to Start Planning Your Next Trip, Friend?

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Before you set up, grab a guide from the shop. Every guide is chock-full of direction on where to go and what to do, ensuring no matter what city you're in, you have the best day while there!

​It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love sharing my favorite things with you – I know you will LOVE them, too!

We have found ourselves in the most wonderful time of the year!
It’s a wild season, but I love the traveling to see family and I love the shopping.
I love the shopping because I love the giving and supporting of local shops.
Gift giving is one of my favorite things in the whole world – after all, GET SHOPPING is a key part of the BEST DAY FLOW!

Have the Best Day totes – you’ll find our signature reminder to “Have the Best Day!” printed on the inside of every bag, like a secret note from us to you!

1. Small bag  These cuties are right-sized for gift-giving, welcome baskets, or kid totes.

2. Medium bag  I have been living in this bag. It’s perfect for your every day coming and going.

3. Large bag – These large classic totes hold just about anything! They are especially great for our infamous SHOE BAG! You need this bag!


1. ebags Classic Packing Cubes 3pc Set – Packing cubes are a great way to bring my “bag system” to your giant suitcase. Gotta keep everything organized less we go insane.

2.WATER JUG– Always have water in your trunk to refill your water bottles. Nothing is worse than thirsty people.

3. PACK IT COOLER You don’t have to deal with ice! It’s just a giant ice pack surrounding your food! It’s great.


1. SOME CALL ME CRUNCHY WINTER BOX– Some of my favorite skincare. You will love this – it is self care in a box – a candle, lotion, salt scrub, soap and lip balm! And it all smells amazing!

2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ORNAMENT– I grew up singing Happy Birthday to Jesus around the table and I love this memory with my family. This ornament makes me smile!

3.CHRISTMAS EARRINGS – I’m obsessed and believe Christmas earrings are so fun and festive. Catch me wearing these all season!

Merry Christmas, friends! Go out and Have the BEST Holiday Season.

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